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EarthMan Performance, New Mexico   June 2005

EarthMan is a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment survival suit featuring the Air Terrarium BackPack Oxygen/Air Survival System®.  Theoretically, it can maintain a human in oxygen free, contaminated or otherwise extreme  environments, in outer space, and even in the most polluted and unlivable environments on Earth.

EarthMan consists of a solar powered system including fans, air ducts, lights, terrarium and plants that creates a bio exchange system that  vents the CO2 human exhaust from the helmet and suit to the Air Terrarium Backpack, thus feeding the plants the necessary CO2 gas necessary for their survival.  In unison,  the fan and air duct system delivers the oxygenated air of the terrarium to the suit and helmet of EarthMan, supplying the oxygen necessary for human survival, thus creating a simple biosphere exchange system similar to that of Planet Earth.

EarthMan and AirPort and related projects by Dion Laurent are dedicated to Advanced Life Support Systems (ALSS) and Bio-regenerative Life Support research.  Conceptually, If we continue to destroy our natural environment on Earth, it may be necessary for all humans to wear such an EarthMan suit, much as humans must wear a space suit to travel outside of our atmosphere.

EarthMan performances may involve the planting of trees, the handing out of flowers, broadcasting seeds, various other activities,  or just passing through  environments whether human populated or not.  Most performances are documented on film and video.

EarthMan Technical Specs. (thus far):

1 - Human.

1 - Air-Terrarium backpack with organic earth and plants.

Solar powered 6 volt and 12 volt electrical system.

1 -  9 volt wireless video camera.

2 -12 Volt 7 amp.hr. sealed batteries,  2 - 6 volt 9 amp.hr. sealed batteries.  2- 9 Volt sealed rechargeable batteries.

3 - 12 volt solar panels.

1 - 13 cfm. fan, 5 -  6 cfm fans, all 12 volt.

Oxygen and temperature control ducts.  12 volt Insulated air cooling system.

2 - Biological/chemical  air filters.

2 - 12 volt grow lights.  1 -12 volt pulsating neon grow light.

1- 6 volt LED Light,1 -  6 volt1 million candlepower halogen light.

1 - Control panel with 8  lighted electric switches, 4 LED indicators, voltage meters, in-line fuses, wires.

1 - Silver heat-reflective suit.

Shovel, flowers, trees....and the right place to play...perhaps on the moon some day. . . 

Total weight of EarthMan suit :  80 pounds


World Tour - Sightings and Appearances

( Click above link for World Tour Images and Videos )

World Tour - Tactical Performances, Sightings and Appearances

EarthMan has performed in Houston ( Divers Works, Art Car Museum, Foto Fest, Art Car Parade), Austin (Texas State Capital, Austin Museum of Art, Art Car Parade), Jeddo, San Francisco, Oakland, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonoma County, Charlotte, Monaco, Callas (France), London ( Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, 7 miles of the London Marathon, Speakers Corner, Covent Garden Piazza), Lincoln (Lincoln Catherdral and Steep Hill), Arlesey, Cambridge and Cambridge University (England), Paris ( Palais de Tokyo, Musee de l'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou), Normandy American Cemetery, Geneva ( MAMCO, Centre d'art Comtemporain Genéve, Mont Blanc Bridge, UN Office at Geneva), Fort l'écluse, Léaz, Ain, France, Montreux, Art Forum Montreux, Basel, Art Basel Vernissage, Seattle ( City and Seattle Art Museum, Bob's Salsa party), Herbert Bayer's Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks ( Kent,WA), Vancouver, BC, Chicago ( Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Select Media Festival, Magnificent Mile, Art Chicago, NEXT, Version Fest ), Miami (Miami Beach, Art Basel Miami Beach, Pulse Miami, Scope Miami, Rubell Family Collection, Bridge Miami, Fountain Miami), and around and around. . .

EarthMan in Desert Video (Quicktime 2.67mb.,1'07", no audio.)

EarthMan with Cy Twombly at Tate Modern (video clip)


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EarthMan after laying a bouquet of flowers at the doors to the Texas State Capital, Oct. 2006


EarthMan (Earth(hu)man) Project is an ongoing sculptural, performance, installation, video and net project by  Dion Laurent.  Earthman is part of Dion Laurent's Air-Terrarium series.

Documentation via still photo and video of performances will be updated periodically

EarthMan was conceived in Tokyo in 1992

Earth(hu)man, Earthwoman, Earth(wow)Man







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