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Dion Laurent

Barcoded Mona Lisa, 2002


JesusBCScreenShot.jpg (37730 bytes)

Supermarket Jesus

(Screen Shot from 'Barcoder Program') 1997-2000


MadeInEnglandBC.jpg (37808 bytes)

Made in England (Barcoded English Flag), 1997-2002


Variety of Barcodes,2000.jpg (44551 bytes)

Variety of Barcodes, 1996-2002


j barcoded.jpg (20915 bytes)

Supermarket Jesus, 1999-2000


Golden Age Video Stills


A Series by Dion Laurent

"Barcodes of Life"

Barcodes-of-Life-Initiative.jpg (48757 bytes)

A project to Barcode all the World's Life Forms

An ongoing series (1992-2005+)

An open proposal to the Museum of Natural History, London, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., etc. and so on as further image and data sources for the barcoding of all the world's life forms in image and numeric forms using Dion Laurent's barcode image software. This project is a variant of "The Golden Age of Barcodes" and "The Barcode Series", "Made In (Flags) and "Sex Sells", in consideration of The Barcodes of Life Initiative and the International Conference for the Barcoding of Life.  This is an open call for assistance to procure images of all the world's species to visually barcode their forms in conjunction with and to coincide with the scientific communities' desire to profile species DNA data with barcodes.  This project is to profile such scientific data in an identifiable barcode image form with relevant barcode number identification, color codes as species,sub-species,alliances and associations, as above, for example.


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