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Texas Biennial 2013

EarthRover 1 and EarthMan 2, First publicly performed together as selected for the TEXAS BIENNIAL 2013

First Opening: Thursday, September 5, 2013, 6-9pm,  Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio




EarthRover 1 Successfully Lands in Houston, Texas - August 6, 2012

Earth Rover, Mars Rover Curiosity, Dion Laurent 2012

(CNN) -- Dion Laurent's rover EarthRover 1 successfully carried out a highly challenging landing in Houston, Texas early Monday, transmitting images back to Earth after traveling hundreds of hours through Texas in order to explore the Blue and Green Planet.

The $2.6 thousand EarthRover 1 made its dramatic arrival on Houston terrain in a spectacle popularly known as the "seven minutes of terror".

This jaw-dropping landing process, involving a sky crane and the world's smallest supersonic parachute, allowed the trailer carrying EarthRover 1 to target the landing area that EarthMan 2 had meticulously chosen.

The mission control in Laurent's Earth Science Laboratory in Texas burst into cheers as the rover touched down. Team members hugged and high-fived one another as EarthRover 1 landed in Houston's First Ward, some shed tears.

EarthRover 1 is a hand-built solar powered electric vehicle, a rolling sculpture created from wood and metal, found and bought and fabricated parts. It has a fully articulated chassis that rolls on 6 wheels with a rocker-bogey suspension system. It features a terrarium oxygen supply system - a bio-regenerative life support system, and is manned by EarthMan 2. Their mission is to study the environment of Earth. EarthRover 1 is based on the NASA created Mars Rover, Curiosity, launched in November 2011 and successfully deployed on Mars on August 6, 2012.

SuperMarket Jesus, Dion Laurent, 1999 - 2012

SuperMarket Jesus, Dion Laurent, 1999 - 2012

Shown in the Art Car Museum Seventh Annual Open Call Exhibition, Houston, Texas

December 17, 2011 - March 2, 2012



Texas Contporary Art Fair, EarthMan 2 Performance by Dion Laurent

Texas Contporary Art Fair, EarthMan 2 Performance by Dion Laurent  George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX

Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston Press, EarthMan 2 Performance by Dion Laurent

EarthMan 2 Performance, Texas Contemporary Art Fair, photo by FRANCISCO MONTES

Texas Contemporary Art Fair


State Air, Dion Laurent, Diverse Works State Fair, 2011

State Air, Diverse Works - State Fair, Sept - Oct, 2011

State Air, Dion Laurent, Diverse Works State Fair, 2011

Diverse Works

September 9-October 29, 2011
Curated by Diane Barber

Opening reception: Friday, September 9, 2011, 6-9pm
Market days: Saturday, September 17, 12-6pm &
Saturday, October 22, 12-6pm

State Fair is a public spectacle that takes as its inspiration the construct of a contemporary art fair and merges it with the age-old tradition of street peddling. Organized to coincide Houston’s first-ever public art fairs, The Houston Fine Art Fair in September and the Texas Contemporary in October, State Fair is an arts-centric trade show with a twist in which artists from around the state …


AirPlane 1, Dion Laurent, 1940 Air Terminal Museum, 2011

AirPlane 1 on Exhibit at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Houston,  May - October,  2011


AirPlane 1 awarded 1st place in the 2011 Houston Art Car Parade


Dion Laurent has been selected for the 2011 Texas Biennial exhibition. The Texas Biennial exhibition dates are April 9th through May 14th, 2011.

Texas Biennial, EarthMan 2, Dion Laurent

Texas Biennial 2011


Good Gulf

Art Car Museum, Houston, Texas
Sat. Oct. 23, 2010 from 7-10pm
through Jan. 14, 2011

Oil Drum Tree, Mechanical Tree, Dion Laurent

Oil Drum -Terrarium Tree, Dion Laurent 2010


AirStation 1, AirPlane 1, EarthMan 2, Dion Laurent

AirStation 1, AirPlane 1, EarthMan 2       Installation, Sculpture, Mixed, Performance     Houston, Texas   2009-2010

June 19, 2010 - Dec. 2010, Houston, Texas

AirPlane 1 is on display as part of the site-specific installation, AirStation in the 1930's Art Deco Gas Station building directly across the road from the Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas.

 It is a reflection to a world of ever increasing air pollution, ozone action days, water shortages, droughts and oil spills.

Conceptually, it's a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment; a one-room emergency AirStation supplied air as a greenhouse air station, creating a simple biosphere exchange system similar to that of Planet Earth.
AirStation is an ongoing project that will develop over the course of the next 6 months.  Periodic modifications and improvements to the biosphere system and planned performances will be announced and documented on a monthly basis.

AirPlane1, awarded first place in the Houston Art Car Parade will be part of the installation, and EarthMan 2 will be publicly performing .

All 3 elements of this performance and installation blend art and science and relate to bioregenerative life support systems, self-sustaining systems conceptually capable of maintaining a human in otherwise unlivable environments on our increasingly polluted earth or even in outer space.

AirPlane1, awarded first place in the Houston Art Car Parade, May, 2010


AirPlane1, The World's First AirPlane


EarthMan, Enchanted Rock appears in the Environmental Art Calendar 2010 Edited by the Green Museum.

Contemporary Art In The Natural World
Release Date: 01 July 2009
Format: Calendar
ISBN: 9781602372566

As one of the most exciting art movements of our time, environmental art celebrates our connection to the natural world through beauty, science, metaphor and ecological restoration. It encompasses a surprising landscape of approaches, from ephemeral "art in nature" sculpture designed to last only a few hours before returning to the earth, to community-based "eco-art" installations which clean up polluted watersheds and promote public understanding of local and global environmental issues.

The Environmental Art 2010 wall calendar features fifteen projects drawn from the global archives of, a not-for-profit online museum of environmental art. They provide a sampling of some of the latest developments in this field to stimulate the imagination and promote the role of art in the creation of a more sustainable world culture. Environmental Art 2010 Wall Calendar: Contemporary Art in the Natural World

Tower Books,  Environmental Art 2010 Calendar, Contemporary Art in the Natural World

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EarthBase 1 Installation and EarthMan Performances, Paris 2008

Espace des Blancs Monteaux (click)

48 rue Vielle du Temple, Paris 75004

du 4 au 20 juillet

de 12h à 21 h,2008

EarthMan Performances : Art Chicago, Next, Version Fest  Chicago, April 2008



Art Car Museum, Andy Mann Memorial Gallery

EarthMan Video Loop, 7 March - 20 April



EarthMan Gives a Flower to Paris Hilton at the Atrium during a performance at Art Basel Miami Beach, Dec. 2007

Paris Hilton, paris hilton, paris hilton, paris hilton, paris hilton, paris hilton 


 earthman performance  Art Basel 2007  vernissage  switzerland

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai Dec. 14 - Jan. 19 2008  Group

Guardain Garden Gallery, Tokyo Group Show  26 Nov. to Dec. 22, 2007

Select Media Festival, Chicago  Nov. 2007

YouTube - EarthMan in Chicago


EarthMan on the cover of Seattle's The Stranger

EarthMan in Seattle, a Stranger Video




Falling Soldiers, Rising Sons, Dion Laurent 2007

Art Car Museum, Houston   WAR

 A group exhibition.  Opens Sept. 8


EarthMan Performance at Art Basel Vernissage


Galerie du Tir, Geneva  6 Juin au 6 Julillet 2007 Installation: Earth Base 1


EarthMan in London - Video on


EarthMan World Tour


EarthMan Prepares to Summit Mont Blanc May 19, 2007



2003 Shelter Project(Houston)    2005 AirPort and EarthMan(S.F./Oakland)



EarthMan World Tour



EarthMan Performs in Monaco April 11, 2007

photo by Thomas Rohrbach




EarthBase 1, March  2007

Montreux, Suisse

Earth Base 1



EarthMan Performance, Montreux, Switzerland March 2007

Grande première à l’Art Forum de Montreux





DIWO Group Exhibition at HTTP Gallery, London :

1st March- 1st April



EarthMan on Enchanted Rock, Wired Magazine Photo Shoot

Photograph by Matthew Mahon  MATTHEW MAHON


Detroit's 10th Int'l Film & Video Festival

March 9 through March 31, 2007 at the Museum of New Art (MONA)

Detroit MONA


EarthMan and 3 other videos by Dion Laurent

A DVD Video Release, Coming Soon




Guardian Garden Gallery, Tokyo

Group Show     October 2006




China Works

Sept. 9 - 28, 2006  Beijing New Art Projects



Contemporary Art Center, Massachusetts

EarthMan premiered in Video Cocktail

David Lachman, Curator



Art Car Museum, Houston,   Calacas

 A group exhibition.  Opens Sept. 10



EarthMan 224    Photo Courtesy of The Orange Show - Arnold Franco 2006

EarthMan awarded Two Trophies at The Houston Art Car Parade

The Art Car Parade , May 13, Houston.  Earthman performs in the Art Car Parade riding a Segway HT provided by Segway of Houston - Matt Creede (713)807-0800.  EarthMan will hand out 10,000 Texas Wildflowers from Dion's Lonestar Studio pastures, Bastrop County, Texas


Thailand New Media Arts Festival, Bangkok

MANASTRE KISA FİLM GÜNLERİ , Istanbul, Turkey, Curated by Dayshülya Küpçüoðlu 6 may 14 may 2006


Barcodes of Life

EarthMan Performances at select events without prior notice throughout 2006-2007.

FILE RIO 2006 Rio March 20th to April 20th 2006.Centro Cultural Telemar
Rua Dois de Dezembro, 63 - Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro

2005 Closing Events: Presentation in Athens, Concert
in Vancouver and Live Streaming from Istanbul   5-21 December 2005

Guardian Garden Gallery, Tokyo November,  Group, touring to multiple venues in Tokyo

The Golden Age of Barcodes is selected for F I L E 2005 ( ELECTRONIC LANGUAGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL) SESI Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil October 31st to November 20th, 2005

International Compendium  Ars Electronica 2005

EarthMan Performance at The Art Car Museum, Oct. 15, 2005 Performance

Robert Miller Gallery, NY, NY  Visual AIDS - Postcards From The Edge Benefit

October:  El Dorado Ballroom, Houston   Project Storm:  Katrina - Red Cross Benefit

Institute for New Media, Frankfurt, Germany    FIELD OF VISION: EXTREMES

September: Playhouse Theatre, Newcastle, NSW, Australia   The Golden Age of Barcodes
screened as part of Thailand MAF05 Selections for the Electrofringe New Media Festival

The week of August 22-28:
A suggested nominee for
The Detroit Museum of New Art
you're so 21st century
the search for the greatest living artist
Greatest Living Artist


Bayennale 2005 AirPort and EarthMan Photos(click)

Bayennale Closing Parting at the Container Hub Installations next to Jack London's Cabin in Jack London Square, Oakland
Sunday   August 7, 2005   4:00 - 9:00 PM

Oakland - San Francisco
Installation in a shipping container
July 22 - August 7


Art Car Museum , Houston, Texas
Opening: Saturday, July 2, 2005
7 - 10 pm, music and refreshments

"Obsession" International Audio-Video Art Festival
Festival Website
 Istanbul, Turkey 2-8 June, 2005


Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM, presents: Web Biennial 2005












































































































































































































































































WB05 - Web Biennial 2005 - The Biennial on the World Wide Web


 Galerie du Tir

(Dion with Blanche Benbassat)

Flower Power
April 26 - June 2, 2005
au vernissage, April 28
de 18 h 30 à 21 heures
Galerie du Tir - Genève

Montreux Art Forum, Switzerland
April 6-10, 2005
Art Forum Montreux
Awarded "Première Mention du Jury" Lauréate


maf-logo.gif (6075 bytes)

Thailand New Media Arts Festival 2005 (MAF05)

25-28 February 2005 Bangkok, Thailand
main event: 24-28 June 2005 Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand New Media Art Festival 2005


An Open Proposal:
Another Barcode Series by Dion Laurent
"Barcodes of Life"

Barcodes-of-Life-Initiative.jpg (48757 bytes)

A project to Barcode all the World's Life Forms
An ongoing series (1992-2005+)

An open proposal to the Museum of Natural History, London, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., etc. and so on as further image and data sources for the barcoding of all the world's life forms in image and numeric forms using Dion Laurent's barcode image software. This project is a variant of "The Golden Age of Barcodes" and "The Barcode Series", "Made In (Flags) and "Sex Sells", "One Billion", etc., in consideration of The Barcodes of Life Initiative and the International Conference for the Barcoding of Life.  This is an open call for assistance to procure images of all the world's specimens to visually barcode their forms in conjunction with and to coincide with the scientific communities' desire to profile species DNA data with barcodes.  This project is to profile such scientific data in an identifiable barcode image form with relevant barcode number identification and color codes as for each identifiable specimen.


Detroit museum of new art [mona]

Third International Film & Video Festival  

from January 15 to February 24, 2005


Guardian Garden Gallery   Ginza,Tokyo

Group Show, Jan. 11 - Feb. 04, 2005



JimHarithasAndDionW.jpg (14685 bytes)

Dion Laurent and Jim Harithas (Director of Station and Art Car Museum)

Friday, November 19th 2004, 8 - 10 PM

Gala Opening and Artists Reception

The Art Car Museum, Houston, Texas

Through Feb. 2005

artcar[1].jpeg (13012 bytes)

September 2004

The Art Car Museum, Houston, Texas

A selection by Jim Harithas of oil paintings from The Travel Series


August 2004 Net Art Exhibit update


July 2004

The Golden Age of Barcodes is accepted for inclusion in the Art Base at The New Museum, N.Y.,N.Y..

Dion Laurent on Rhizome
BarcodedUSFlagDion.gif (6096 bytes)



Group Exhibit,Take Away Art, Kulturmodell, Passau, Germany

Showing The Golden Age of Barcodes DVD version

TAKE-AWAY-ART-KUMO-small.jpg (32328 bytes)


Feb. 2004

Completion of "The Pipeline Project" Video. A video and installation project in progress.

Video Page

January 2004

Final Edit of the 1996-2004 Video, "In One Second". Shot on Yaku Island, Japan in 1995-1996. The original edit was destroyed in 1997.



December 2003

International Invitational

Dion and David Hockney.jpg (163786 bytes)

Florence Bienniale with David Hockney  photo: Brent Hallard 2003


Guardian Garden Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Group Show

November 26 - December 25, 2003



An Installation

October 16 - October 26, 2003

112 Second Avenue North, Top Floor

Nashville, Tennessee


September 2003

 furtherfield review - The Shelter Project

A review of "The Shelter Project" installation by a London based internet art extravaganza...



To Whomever posted us here, "Thank You"


July - October 2003

Road-trip from Houston to Nashville and Chicago

Bamboo Installation Begins in Nashville...Opens October 16, 2003

Breaking Ground on "The Pipeline Project" (A video and installation project in-progress)


Feb  - July  2003


Poissant Gallery, Houston

Click link above for more images

Click here Shelter Project for the faster page


February 14, 2003


"Peace Walk"

Valentine's Day  2003










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