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Barcoded Earth, Video Still, 1992-2004

"The Golden Age of Barcodes"

The Golden Age of Barcodes  5 Min. 5 sec.

The Golden Age of Barcodes is a multi-ethnic international representation of procreation and population explosion, increased consumerism and capitalism, and the commodification and devastation of our natural world.  The work is based on a custom computer program that animates any image in a given file.  The representation of barcoding, replicating, cloning and manufacturing all that exists, symbolically, literally and conceptually is to symbolize the manufacture and consumerism of all products, but also to include the commercialization of our natural world, our earth, our barcode everything to clone everything...good and bad.

Golden Age Video Stills

The Golden Age of Barcodes, Video Page



EarthMan, Screen Capture, 2005


EarthMan 8 min. 30 sec. of performances in natural environments plus 3 min on Golden Gate Bridge

EarthMan is a series of performances played out and filmed across the southwest of the U.S. from Texas across the deserts to the redwood forests of California and back.  Includes an attempted performance half way across the Golden Gate Bridge and apprehension by San Francisco's finest.  EarthMan Page



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Fish Barcode, Video Still, 1995-1996

"In One Second"

In One Second    13 min.


In One Second was filmed on Yaku Island, Japan in 1995-1996.  This video displays the dichotomy of our natural environment and our human interaction within it - the struggle between humans and nature, humanity's efforts to control nature and nature's relentless power that is uncontrollable.

Even on a small and isolated island in the Pacific Ocean, and a United Nations recognized environmental jewel, humanity devastates nature and the fury of nature devastates humanity. Yaku Island was designated as a World Natural Heritage site by the United Nations in 1993. Dion lived on Yaku from 1991-1996.  The original intent was to shoot unedited, hand-held, one cohesive tape…but several Hi-8 tapes were filled over a two-year period…dirty heads and all.  Final editing was completed in 2003.  Efforts are underway to establish Yakushima as a Zero Emissions environment.  A concerted effort is needed to preserve Yakushima's environment and the rest of our natural environment, Earth. 




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Flower Pipeline, Video Still, 2003-2004

"The Pipeline Project"

The Pipeline Project

The Pipeline Project was filmed in 2003 from the Gulf Coasts of Texas and Louisiana across the US to Chicago symbolizing the laying of a petroleum pipeline from the drilling platforms and wells to the refineries to the final consumer outlet, the gasoline stations.  From the long process of drilling to refining, the pipeline accelerates as it is distributed and burned across our country and earth.  The effects are an exponential drain of natural resources and catastrophic environmental damage as the by-product of industry and consumerism.  At the end of the pipeline, the opening of the tap reveals that the pipeline is empty, the resource is exhausted, and the transition to alternative and non-polluting resources is necessary.  Again, hand-held Hi-8, no buzzers or bells.

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Barrels Per Day, Video Still, 2003-2004

"The Pipeline Project"


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