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Dion Laurent

AirStation1, Installation Detail, Dion Laurent

AirStation 1, Installation Detail

Falling Soldiers, Rising Sons, Dion Laurent

Falling Soldiers, Rising Sons  2007


Entangled Species, Dion Laurent, 1995

Entangled Species, 1995-1996


GasGun1wc.jpeg (30691 bytes)

Gas Gun, 2003 (series)


Once A Tree.jpg (16976 bytes)

Once A Tree, 1989     Permanent Collection, Tennesseee State Museum


LighterFish.jpg (22612 bytes)

Lighter Fish


ThreeFishHeadsofTriptych.jpg (17248 bytes)

Caught, Boxed and Wrapped (series)


USFlagBCHachioji.jpg (32956 bytes)

Made in America (Barcoded US Flag,Made in China), 1992 (series)


IndonesianWoodToJapan.jpg (10152 bytes)

Imported Forest, 1995


LuckyStrikeBC.jpg (25178 bytes)

Lucky Strikes Barcoded, 1995


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