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State Air, Dion Laurent, Diverse Works State Fair, 2011

State Air, Diverse Works - State Fair, Sept - Oct, 2011

State Air, Dion Laurent, Diverse Works State Fair, 2011

Diverse Works


AirStation 1, AirPlane 1, EarthMan 2       Installation, Sculpture, Mixed, Performance     Houston, Texas   2009-2010

Dion Laurent, Installation Paris, Earth Dome

EarthBase1, Installation Espace des Blancs-Manteaux   EarthMan1 and EarthBase1, Paris 2008

Dion Laurent’s multi-media sculptural objects, installations and performance works are impossibly self-contained microenvironments that are hinged together by his skillful use of invention and ingenuity and his keen sense of balance and placement.

“With an inventive reworking of utilities such as the Air Phone and the Air Pump, enthusiastically constructed from found objects and household materials that look like they’ve already had a lot of everyday use, he develops and explores the campaign’s appeal to a sweat-of the-brow, do-it-yourself ethic. We intuit a certain Thoreau-like pride in his shelter and supplies; that sense of pioneering-spirit, self-sufficiency, a capacity to home-make for one.”(Ruth Catlow, London, 2003)

The artist works with the surplus of our materially dependent commerce society reconstituting ephemera into inventive systems. These precarious and multi-faceted systems are based on sensory modalities in which the artist incorporates specific objects-aromatherapy, stereos, foodstuffs, computers and video-to invoke all of the senses underscoring the ‘nature’ of our lived experience. These compressed, quasi living and breathing systems function on multiple levels both inert and active and seek to cause a dynamic experience for the viewer and in turn a structure of reference."

Laurent’s work is pleasantly unrefined. His wry sculptures of found objects look like they were created by a mad scientist on a low budget. The combination of lights, video, moving parts, smoke machines and more assembled as poetry creates a sculptural experience one can’t ignore.


Breathing Oxygen Trees, Mechanical Breathing Trees, Dion Laurent

Breathing Oxygen Trees, Mechanical Breathing Trees  Galerie du Tir, Geneva   2005 - 2007


Earth Base 1 (air camp 1)Survival Space

Installation 2, Montreux, Switzerland, 2002 - March 2007


Air - Oxygen - Earth Works, Lone Star Studio, Texas   2005 - 2006

Air - Oxygen Works, Pasture Installation, Texas , Dion Laurent

Air - Oxygen - Earth Works, Lone Star Studio, Texas   2005 - 2006

Air Oxygen Earth Works, Dion Laurent

Air - Oxygen - Earth Works, Lone Star Studio, Texas   2005 - 2006

Air Oxygen Earth Works, Dion Laurent

Air - Oxygen - Earth Works, Lone Star Studio, Texas   2005 - 2006


Airport, Bayennale, Oakland/San Francisco, 2005

EarthMan and Airport

Airport and EarthMan Photos



Bamboo 500x350.jpg (69795 bytes)

Market Street Emporium, Nashville, "Bamboo" 2003



Tree House...Shelter Project.jpg (68158 bytes)

Tree House, Part III, Poissant Gallery, Houston, 2003



InSuit.jpg (54994 bytes)

O2 Service Station, Poissant Gallery, Houston 2003

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air pump, france crea.gif (45885 bytes)

CREA  Alsace, France   "Zone Fumeur"  2002


A&MInstallation.jpg (20281 bytes)

Visual Arts Gallery, Texas A&M University  "All Over our Planet"  2000


Winter Street Oil and Gas 1.jpg (29392 bytes)

Winter Street Art Center, Houston  "Zen"  1997


Itoki UpSideDown.gif (17489 bytes)Itoki Fragile Box.gif (32844 bytes)Itoki CigaretteSeries.gif (16692 bytes)

Itoki Crystal Hall, Osaka "Yakushima to the World" 1996

Live Drawing Performance with Seitaro Kuroda


Gasstandsfrance.jpg (16266 bytes)

CREA  Alsace, France "La Terre est en Danger" 1994


DionGuardianGarden.jpg (10781 bytes)

Guardian Garden Gallery, Tokyo "Up Side Down" 1993


"Chapelle 5.20.100" Auvers sur Oise, France, 1990 with Louis Perrin and Olin Calk

An installation in a 13th century chapel and performance for the Centennial of Van Gogh's death in the village where he last  painted, died and is buried.  Documented by Olin, Louis, and Frank Peters (Germany)   Photo: Frank Peters







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